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Web3 Adoption: The success of the Superlocal product hinges on continued adoption of web3 technology, such as Ethereum wallets. However, play-to-earn ecosystems don’t need as many daily active users as a traditional social network to become a substantial business; so we can achieve mass revenue with a fraction of the userbase of Facebook or Snapchat.
Getting Businesses: to Buy In To give $LOCAL true value beyond just being an earnable asset that people want to instantly sell, we need businesses to buy in and participate on Superlocal. We understand how big of a challenge this will be — legacy tech companies like Yelp have thousands of sales people and don’t have the strongest businesses. We are optimistic that we can pull it off because Superlocal disrupts the Yelp model by making it so that we pay the business to participate, rather than them having to pay to participate/promote their businesses on Yelp.