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Superlocal Launch Phases

We will be launching Superlocal back into general, public availability in a systematic way to assure that large features like Mayorship NFTs have a smooth roll out.

Launch Phases

  • ✈️ Early Access: This period allows a select group of users to beta test Superlocal as an iOS TestFlight app. As a reward for helping to beta test, people with Early Access Passes and early minters of our Localtrotter NFT are allowed to mint Mayorship NFTs before anyone else (at a lower price); and also earn bonus LOCAL tokens for holding an Early Access Pass NFT or Localtrotter NFT. To get early access, a person must hold at least one Early Access Pass NFT. Minting during Early Access phase is 0.07ETH and ends on Friday March 11 @ 7:59AM PT.
  • 🌅 Sunrise: This 7 day period allows both Early Access NFT and Localtrotters NFT holders the opportunity to mint Mayorship NFTs early (at a slightly premium price to help avoid landgrabs of the most popular/advantageous locations). Sunrise period begins when Superlocal goes out of TestFlight and becomes available on the public Apple App Store. Minting during Sunrise phase is 0.1ETH and ends on Friday March 18 @ 7:59AM PT.
  • 🏃 Landrush: This is when Superlocal becomes available to everyone. However, you must get an invite from another member to join Superlocal during this period. You no longer need an Early Access Pass or Localtrotters NFT to join Superlocal. The reason we have an invite system is to make sure our largely rollout goes smoothly. Mintint during Landrush phase is 0.05ETH and begins on Friday March 18 @ 8:00AM PT.
  • 🌎 General Availability (GA): Once Superlocal goes into GA, it has officially launched and is available to the entire public without needing an invitation. We will announce General Availability phase on Twitter/Discord.

How Sunrise works:

During Sunrise, people can download Superlocal on the public iOS App Store in every country. When join during Sunrise, we ask people to connect their wallet:
  • If a person holds an Early Access Pass NFT or a Localtrotters NFT they gain instant access to Superlocal.
  • If a person doesn’t hold an Early Access Pass NFT or a Localtrotters NFT they are told that it’s currently sunrise period and that they can skip the line by getting one of those NFTs (or wait for Sunrise to end).

How Landrush works:

We will give every Sunrise user 3 invites that they can give to friends to join. Every new user who joins from this point on will also receive 3 invites. The only way that people can get access to Superlocal now is (1) by holding an Early Access Pass NFT, (2) by holding a Localtrotters NFT, (3) getting an invite from a current app user.

How General Availability works:

General Availability begins at the discretion of Team Superlocal. It means that we are confident that we are ready for more broad usage, so we will remove all barriers to join.

How we roll out Localtrotters NFT:

  • There will be a 24 hour period for Early Access Pass NFTs holders to mint for free
  • After the 24 hour free minting period, public minting opens at 0.0XETH.
  • People who hold a Localtrotters NFT get a bonus of 5% tokens on every approved checkin they make
  • If they sell the NFT, the bonus goes away. After that it becomes 0.0XETH

Other reason why people want to hold our NFTs:

  1. 1.
    Early access to beta features in the future
  2. 2.
    Early access to minting (Mayorship NFTs and future collectibles we launch)
  3. 3.
    Bonus token earnings when checkins are approved (between 5% and 20%)
  4. 4.
    Access to token-gated Discord channels
  5. 5.
    Access to exclusive NFT holder events
A few WIP designs of our launch plan